Essential Principles of Neuro Science

neurons-120208Right now, your BRAIN AND NERVOUS SYSTEM are busy making sense of this sentence – just one example of how basic the brain is to every function of your waking and sleeping life. If you are sighted, nerve cells in your eyes are sensing the letters’ boundaries and transmitting the news from your eyes to the brain.

About one fourth of the brain is involved in visual processing, more than any other sense. The precise process of reading, like many brain functions, is a topic of intense research by neuroscientists.

At its most basic level, reading, like other actions of the brain and nervous system, involves a series of electrical impulses moving through your body along a network of linked nerve cells called neurons.

PG Neuro 2The major goal of neuroscience is to understand how groups of neurons interact to generate behavior. Neuroscientists study the actions of molecules, genes, and cells, and also explore the complex interactions involved in bodily function, decision making, emotion, learning, and more. They also seek to understand diseases and disorders that occur when interactions don’t happen or go wrong.

Languages are acquired early in development and facilitate information exchange and creative thought.

Communication can create and solve many of the most pressing problems humankind faces.