dmit1Dermatoglyphics is that branch of science that makes one understand his or her own hidden potential and abilities. With the help of dermatoglyphics, we can find out our inborn advantages and give suggestions as per each person’s own characteristics with no prejudice.

Our fingerprints never change in the whole life so it is completely different from people who read hands or fortune tellers, which only forecast our future by looking at the palms.

larson-jewelers-fingerprint-engraving-ringEveryone acquires intrinsic intelligence from their parents and if one’s intelligence gets no chance to be motivated and further developed, there is no other way one can develop an intelligence of memory, understanding, analysis, reasoning, and application.

By studying dermatoglyphy, we can exactly understand the distribution and number of cells in the left and right brain of the cell, and calculate the true potential of the child.

Importance of Finger Prints

Absolute Unique!!!


Understand Finger Prints


Right Brain is corresponding to Left Hand and Left Brain is corresponding to Right Hand. Our hands are diagonally connected to our brains. This implies that while using our Right hand, we use Left side of the brain more & vice versa. Neurologists have identified the relation between fingerprints and the brain. They pointed out that the fingers are closely related to the brain hemisphere. Therefore, this has been widely used in many fields.

Right Brain is Corresponding to Left Hand and Left Brain is Corresponding to Right Hand


  • Comparison & Distribution Of Multiple Intelligence (Left & Right Brain)
  • Your Personality Type
  • Learning Type / Mode / Style
  • Multiple Intelligence-Related Talents
  • Multiple Intelligence-Related Childhood Actions
  • Multiple Intelligence-Related Adulthood Actions
  • One’s gifted key area(s) – IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ
  • Improves Career, Bride & Groom / Spoude / Friend / Family Members / Business Partners Competency & Compatibility

Howard Garners Theory of Multiple Intelligence


  • Every child is unique, but our method to handle them is common & usual. . .
  • Every child has an inborn talent but child & parents fail to identify it. . .
  • Every child has a different learning style but our teaching style is same.

Simply put, Every Child is Unique, with inborn skills & different learning styles.

BRAINZ QUOTIENT – DMIT helps to discover the true interests & inborn skills of the child.


Personal Characteristics & Behavioural Traits


  • Dominant
  • Influential
  • Steady
  • Compliant

Preferred Learning Styles:



  • Auditory
  • Kinaesthetic
  • Visual

Brain Dominance:


  • Left Brain Vs Right Brain

Brainz Quotient:

child Head.Children Learn to think

  • IQ
  • CQ
  • VQ
  • AQ
  • EQ

Learning Mode:


  • Self Cognitive
  • Affective Learning
  • Reverse Thinking
  • Reflective Learning

Multiple Intelligence Rankings

Percentage of Brain Lobe Activities with Functions

Weaknesses & Supplements to Enhance (Remedies)

Suitable Careers – As per top Intelligences & Psychometric Test

For Age 5 – 15

TO ADULTS (Age 18+)

For Corporates


<strong>What is the relationship between Finger Prints and the Human brain?</strong> What is the relationship between Finger Prints and the Human brain?

In the earlier days, American doctors discovered a strange case where a baby is born without brain the disease was coined by name “anencephaly”. In anencephaly, many times with absence of brain even the fingerprints were missing. Cases like this had been repeated throughout history. In the gestation period fingerprints and brain development happens simultaneously during week 14 to week 21, leading medical experts to believe that the brain is absolutely linked to the fingerprints.

<strong>Is Dermatoglyphics a new-age way of fortune telling?</strong> Is Dermatoglyphics a new-age way of fortune telling?

Absolutely not.

Palmistry or Chiromancy is the divination of the future through the interpretation of lines of the palms whereas Dermatoglyphics is the science of comparing 1analyzing and classifying the patterns of the skin grains and ridges of each person’s fingerprint. These analysis do not predict the future, but rather gives a comprehensive insight of one’s innate intelligence distributions, potentials, and preferred learning and communication styles.

<strong>Is Dermatoglyphics a science?</strong> Is Dermatoglyphics a science?

Dermatoglyphics refers to the branch of science which studies the patterns of skin (dermal) ridges present on human fingers, toes and the soles. Each one’s Dermatoglyphics pattern is unique and unalterable. It reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our brain functioning.

How old is Dermatoglyphics ? How old is Dermatoglyphics ?

Scientific study of fingerprints has started in year 1650. Word Dermatoglyphics was coined in year 1926 by Dr Harold Cummins & Midol.

<strong>How reliable is it?</strong> How reliable is it?

Since years many scientists and medical doctors have used genetics, embryology, Dermatoglyphics, anthropology and anatomy as basis to observe, analyze, validate and conclude the result of Dermatoglyphics. It has been most advanced and useful tool to understand the potential functioning of brain lobes. As fingerprints are unalterable and are never influenced by environment, behaviors, companies & moods, the reliability of the fingerprint analysis remain on top.

<strong>Any reference material to authenticate the analysis ?</strong> Any reference material to authenticate the analysis ?

There are over 750 research papers available on internet talking about references to Dermatoglyphics and Dermatoglyphics analysis. Apart from that thousands of satisfied clients are there to authenticate the analysis. Reference book for detailed study on Dermatoglyphics. FINGER PRINTS, PALMS AND SOLES An Introduction to Dermatoglyphics

Edited by

Harold Cummins, PH.D.

Charles Midlo, M.D.

New Orleans August 9, 1943

<strong>What is the Analysis Process and duration?</strong> What is the Analysis Process and duration?

After taking the Fingerprints, we shall take around 15 working days to get reports .

<strong>Who will interpret the Analysis?</strong> Who will interpret the Analysis?

Our professionally trained counselors will interpret the analysis and provide necessary remedies.

<strong>How is Dermatoglyphics Analysis in comparison to conventional methods?</strong> How is Dermatoglyphics Analysis in comparison to conventional methods?

Conventional Testing uses questionnaire format where most of the time answers can be influenced by the emotional and mental state, wherein Dermatoglyphics Analysis is unaffected by such parameters hence offering most vivid results.

<strong>What do the readings measure?</strong> What do the readings measure?

1. Behavior pattern based on DISC profiling

2. Percentile distribution of Innate Intelligence

3. Left & Right Brain potential

4. Preferred learning styles i.e. Chalk, Walk & Talk

5. Different Quotients (AQ, IQ, CQ, EQ)

6. Preferred career options from 300+ careers

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